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A new tractor for the forest nursery as a gift from Panda on Korean Pine Day

13 may 2022
The Primorskaya State Agricultural Academy received a MTZ-82 Belarus tractor with attachable equipment as a gift from WWF. With its help, during Korean Pine Day celebration on May 12, students and tutors of the Institute of Forestry of the PSAA planted half a ton of Korean pine seedlings for the future forest.
The forest nursery of the Academy in Primorye is a special part of the cooperation between PSAA and WWF. After a general decline in forestry in the late 90s, its recovery began in 2011. In 2012, the first batch of seeds of Korean pine was sown here, and in 2015, the first “harvest” was taken at the nursery – 60,000 of 3-year-old standard Korean pine saplings. Since then, every year on Korean Pine Day in mid-May, students and teachers of the Institute of Forestry of the State Agricultural Academy plant a new batch of Korean pine seedlings to restore mixed conifer-broadleaf forests. This year, the MTZ-82 Belarus tractor was used for soil preparation.
Korean Pine Day in the forest nursery of the Primorskaya State Agricultural Academy
Elena Starostina / WWF Russia
According to Evgeny Lepeshkin, senior coordinator of sustainable forest management department at WWF Russia Amur Branch: “Over the past century, the area of mixed forests in Primorsky province has been cut in half due forest fires and logging. Therefore, artificial reforestation such as growing and planting 3-year-old Korean pine seedlings under the forest canopy is of fundamental importance. Five years ago, we provided the forest nursery with a special module for storing and earthing seeds for further raising and return to the forest. After the purchase of the tractor, we have moved to the next stage of modernization of growing, planting and taking care of crops to follow more optimal technological processes that allow creating a significant amount of planting material, up to 2 million pieces per year."
In the center - Andrey Komin, head of the Agricultural Academy, and Evgeny Lepeshkin, WWF Russia
Korean Pine Day in the forest nursery of the Primorskaya State Agricultural Academy
Elena Starostina / WWF Russia
Comments Andrey Komin, head of the Promrskaya State Agricultural Academy: “We really need this kind of machinery. The mechanization of reforestation processes will allow to expand the sown areas of the nursery, including for growing both Korean pine, but also other valuable species such as larch, oak, linden and other plants for the formation of stable mixed plantations. We have already used the tractor to prepare the soil for sowing and, of course, it will be used to take care of the plantations in the nursery. And the use of the tractor on the territory of our model forest, which is located in the buffer zone of the Ussuriisky Nature Reserve, will allow us to carry out necessary fire preventing activity and also prepare the soil for planting in the forest. Today we planted 500 kilos of Korean pine seedlings. This means that in the future, about 400 seedlings will grow from these nuts and will be planted under the forest canopy, returning to nature what man has taken from it. This is one of the necessary conditions for sustainable forest management, which our students learn during practice in the nursery."
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