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The first timber company in Russia has joined WWF Forests Forward

06 july 2021
In Russia, Stora Enso became the first timber company to join the new international WWF Forests Forward program.

The Forests Forward program, launched 6in June this year, was created on the basis of the Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN), previously represented in Russia by the Association of Environmentally Responsible Timber Producers. Stora Enso has decided to join the Forests Forward program in Finland and Russia, where it has committed itself to preparing and implementing projects in the field of sustainable forest management and trade, improving forest management, reforestation and ecosystem restoration, protecting and restoring biodiversity, interacting with local communities, etc.

‘The cooperation between WWF-Russia and Stora Enso did not begin today, it has a long and fruitful history. For many years, the focus of our partnership has been on promoting sustainable forest management and FSC certification. Currently, Stora Enso already manages three groups of FSC-certified companies, which include 16 logging companies with a total area of certified forests of more than 1.3 million hectares. In 2021, Khvoynaya-Les LLC joined this family of the certified companies with an FSC FM certificate. Joining to Forests Forward is the next logical step for Stora Enso. We believe that further efficient cooperation with Stora Enso will contribute both to solving WWF's goal of promoting responsible forest management, conserving valuable forests and their biodiversity, and Stora Enso's goal of developing sustainable forestry and conserving biodiversity during logging,’ says Alexander Voropaev, project coordinator, WWF-Russia Forest Program.

(c) Yulia Kalinicheva / WWF-Russia

Stora Enso is one of the first timber companies in Russia that started implementing environmental projects with WWF. The first project was ‘Pskov Model Forest’ launched in 1999, which became innovative in Russian forestry and laid the foundations of modern intensive sustainable forestry in Russia. One of the objectives of the project is conservation of biodiversity and key biotopes during logging, as well as the conservation of forests of high conservation value (HCVs).0

Later, the joint projects of WWF-Russia and Stora Enso included work on other areas important for forest conservation, such as preventing illegal logging, improving the forest regulatory framework, developing requirements for conserving biodiversity during logging, analyzing the effectiveness of biodiversity conservaton, supporting the solution of social issues at forestry, developing national FSC FM standard, etc.

Special attention should be paid to cooperation on promoting the concept of the sustainable forest management and the principles of voluntary forest certification under FSC scheme. During the project, Stora Enso actively involved its wood suppliers in the forest certification, helping them prepare for the forest management certification and ensure further support of their certificates through the creation of groups of certified companies under its leadership, which, on the one hand, made it easier for supplier companies to prepare for the certification and carry out routine work to maintain the certificates received, and on the other hand, assigned Stora Enso additional responsibility for fulfilling all the requirements of the FSC certification by the companies.

About Stora Enso

Stora Enso is one of the world's largest timber companies operating in more than 50 countries, including Russia. Its trade turnover in 2020 amounted to 8.6 billion Euros. In Russia, the company is engaged in logging, has two sawmills and three paper packaging plants.

Preview photo: (c) Julia Kalinicheva / WWF-Russia. Headlne photo: (c) Cristine Tugova / WWF-Russia.

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