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WWF-developed KEDR system awarded by Russian Government

27 april 2018
On April 27, Arkadiy Dvorkovich, a deputy Prime Minister, handed out the award to WWF-Russia Amur branch, a winner of the All-Russia contest Open Data of the Russian Federation, run by the Open Government.

The award went to the development team of the KEDR system which is designed to automatically monitor illegal logging and which is successfully put into operation in Khabarovsky and Primorsky Provinces by the Forestry Departments.

In 2015, WWF-Russia Amur branch initiated the creation of KEDR to halt illicit loggings in valuable forests of the Russian Far East. The system was being developed in accordance with appropriate regulations in close collaboration with experts from the forestry industry and software writers. KEDR automatically detects forest cover changes based on the real time space imageries and operates using neural networks. Using mobile applications rapid response teams promptly react to the information on illegal logging operations and prevent forest violations.  

According to Dmitry Sychikov, head of the sustainable forestry unit at WWF-Russia Amur branch, «Not once KEDR was highly praised by the state authorities of the Russian Far East and we feel very enthusiastic to be awarded by the Russian Government. The system has already revealed hundred-million-rubles damages both in Khabarovsky and Primorsky Provinces». 

Kedr Monitoring system helps to detect illegal logging
(c) WWF-Russia
«We try to upgrade the system adding different modules to ease the task of forest inspectors. This award proves that KEDR is highly demanded by the country in its efforts to conserve the nature,» added Dmitry Sychikov.

According to Pyotr Osipov, head of WWF-Russia Amur branch, Ph.D., «We cannot believe that over three years we have managed to travel such a long way starting with the idea to automatically monitor forest cover changes to fully operating system in service of two foreground Russian Provinces.

He underlines that the potential for the development of information technologies to be employed by the forestry industry is enormous. Today, thanks to the cooperation between WWF and the regional authorities a unified information space is being formed in Khabarovsky and Primorsky Provinces in the sphere of management, forest use and protection. This is also important for conservation of valuable forests and the Amur tiger habitats.

As Kirill Berman, first deputy minister of Khabarovsky Province, comments, «If you want to effectively use forest or any other resources you should know what happens with it on the ground. And there should be no place for discrepancies in the data from the field with the ones fixed on paper. KERD allows promptly revealing the mismatches between real loggings and the paper ones».

WWF-Russia finds very important to introduce such software and replicate lessons learned across other regions of Russia where illegal use of forest resources are among top priorities.

KEDR development was supported by the Innovation Fund WWF-Netherlands, BMUB, and Tilia Fund.

Award ceremony
(c) Anatoly Vurmistrov
Headline photo: (c) WWF-Russia
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