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Премия рунета 2017


03 april 2018
Within the campaign Earth Hour corporate partners of WWF-Russia managed to collect the funds necessary for the restoration of the Buxus Colchica forests in the Russian Caucasus. The total amount of business donations was 2.5 million rubles.

The annual environmental action Earth Hour 2018, organized by WWF-Russia, was held on 24th of March. The event was financially supported by 11 companies. Funds raised during the campaign are aimed to restore Buxus Colchica forests.

Indeciduous Buxus Colchica, listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation, survived the Ice Age and remained intact to our times as it was 20 million years ago. Now it can be found only in the Caucasus, but even there it is under threat of extinction due to the invasion of box tree moth. This pest was brought to Russia during the preparation for the Olympic games in Sochi: transplants of other species of buxus that were brought for planting in the city during the preparation for the Olympics were infected with box tree moth. Voracious moth quickly reached Buxus Colchica forests and has almost completely destroyed this species.

"For the first time in the history of WWF-Russia we collected the necessary funds to conserve the endangered species of plants. While there is a debate about what to do with box tree moth, we can already take action. I am sure that this project will help us to conserve the unique element of the Russian Caucasus flora — Buxus Colchica, and prevent it from extinction," says Nikolay Shmatkov, WWF-Russia Forest Program Director.

The partner of the campaign was Kastamonu corporate group that specializes in woodworking. For many years it has been actively involved in environmental projects and actions under the auspices of WWF and FSC.

The project of the global platform for the automotive industry USERVICE has joined the campaign Earth Hour for the first time. Its goal is not only to combine and optimize all processes related to the acquisition, operation and car service, but also to make the industry more environmentally friendly. By the end of 2018, USERVICE plans to launch its own program for the disposal and recycling of automotive waste. The company helps its partners to abandon the usual method of disposal of products and potentially environmentally hazardous substances and organizes their collection in specialized recycle points.

© WWF of Russia / Sergey Trepet
(c) WWF-Russia

It is not the first year when diversified investment company IC RUSS-INVEST PJSC supported the Earth Hour campaign. For several years IR RUSS-INVEST has been consistently among the six largest investment companies in Russia in terms of equity capital. In addition, the company pays attention to the environment and inoculates a culture of responsible consumption to its employees. According to the results of the rating "Green offices of Russia 2017", IR RUSS-INVEST received 4 stars out of 5 for its initiatives aimed at environmental education, employees involvement in "green" projects, as well as environmentally responsible purchases for the office.

Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, one of the leading chemical enterprises in Russia and Eastern Europe, joined the campaign for the first time. The company produces cardboard, sulphate bleached pulp, various types of papers, FSC-certified school notebooks — 13 FSC certified products in total. The company's investments in environmental protection measures, including Best Available Technique, amounted to about 10 billion rubles over the past 12 years.

Financial support, as well as the help in development of awareness about the Earth Hour campaign was provided by the cosmetic company Ester Lauder (brand Origins). Origins creates safe and highly effective care products, combining the power of nature and advanced scientific achievements. Origins implements the «Plant-A-Tree» program, which helps to restore forests around the world: at the moment more than 600 000 trees have been planted in different parts of the world due to the program.

Coca-Cola traditionally joined the campaign, MARS supported the Earth Hour by switching off the lights on their industrial buildings and conducting a lecture on alternative energy, Auchan Retail switched off the light in the retail spaces of the network, as it has in previous years. For the first time, Energodiagnostika and OAO SUN InBev companies became participants of the Earth Hour campaign.

The company Ferrero Russia that always pays attention to the protection of the environment has once again become the participant of the campaign this year. Ferrero has a lot of new eco-projects for the year 2018.

"We are participating in the campaign Earth Hour for the second year in a row. This partnership is a good opportunity for us to draw attention of our employees and of wide audience to important environmental problems and to make a particular contribution to the environmental protection," says Marina Tatarskaya, PR Director of ZAO Ferrero Russia. "We are happy that this year due to the joint efforts of WWF-Russia's partners we managed to raise the necessary funds for the implementation of the project to restore Buxus Colchica spicies - a unique indeciduous plant, which is now almost completely destroyed."

In the nearest future it is planned to begin the construction of a specially equipped greenhouse that will protect the young seedlings of Buxus Colchica from box tree moth and will provide special microclimate conditions for plant growth. WWF-Russia expresses its gratitude to all the companies that supported Earth Hour 2018 and demonstrated the high corporate social responsibility of Russian business.

Headline photo: (c) WWF-Russia

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