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Премия рунета 2017


23 april 2019
First boxwood seedlings were planted in the Apsheronsk Forestry College greenhouse in September 2018. As visit to the College showed that seedlings successfully overwintered. By that time, Greenhouse’s rows are planted completely. There are 25 thousand seedlings of endemic Colchis boxwood tree in total.

The Colchis boxwood conservation project was started in Caucasus Ecoregion in 2015. Forest inventory conducted by WWF showed that 99% of boxwood forests died after invasion of the Boxwood moth, which was accidentally imported during the preparation for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

The Greenhouse was built in September 2018 on the Apsheronsk Forestry College territory only after 2.5 million rubles was raised in WWF-Russia’s supporters and corporate partners. Here will grow boxwood to establish a founder plantation for propagation and further reintroduction into the wild.
(c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia
300 seedlings were planted during the opening ceremony of the Greenhouse. Today, the Greenhouse is filled with boxwood seedlings (about 25 thousand), and experiments on stratification are carried out on seeds. College staff and students take care of the plants.
(c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia

«After two and a half years, we can create a founder plantation and plant part of the seedlings into the wild. We will take into account external risks and choose places for planting young trees during this time», - Elena Cherkasova, Forest Officer of the «Russian Caucasus» Ecoregional Office, WWF-Russia.

(c) Mikhail Klimenko / WWF-Russia
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