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Премия рунета 2017

Far Eastern documentary got prestigious award

14 june 2016
“Land of the Leopard. A Whirl of Life”, a film by Zov Taigi also shot on WWF’ request, got a prize at the XX International Film Festival “Save and Preserve”.

The film, the tenth in a number, is the last one in the series of leopard-dedicated documentaries produced by the Studio over the last 20 years. According to Vasily Solkin, film director and producer and one of WWF staff, “All the previous nine films appealed to save the remaining leopards telling scaring stories about forest fires, pitiless poachers… This new film tells a story about a leopard, its personal life surrounded by the natural beauty.”

Therefore, “Land of the Leopard. A whirl of Life” was broadcasted on a national TV channel Russia-24 on June 5. After the first broadcasting the film will be rotated on the Living Planet Channel within two years. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Vasily Solkin, the film director of ten documentaries about the Amur leopard
© Ivan Egorchev
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