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Премия рунета 2017

The first guards of the Russian forests

07 june 2019
The first "Forest Guards" were the Russians who supported the project of the same name of WWF-Russia aimed at conserving the intact forests in our country.

The "Forest Guards" online platform was launched by WWF-Russia on the International Earth Day, 22 April. Any citizen can learn about the importance of the intact forests, their role in the overall ecosystem of the planet and in the life of rare species of animals, as well as to guard the forest with WWF in one of the regions of the country at forest.wwf.ru.

"Russia is one of the main forest countries in the world, with more than 45% of its area being forest. Therefore, it seems that those endless forests will never disappear. But in fact it's not like that. Most of the remaining forests in Russia have long been developed, and only a fifth of them (247 million hectares) remain in their intact form. These last corners of the wild nature where natural processes are not broken, where nothing threatens to rare species of plants and animals, disappear with catastrophic speed. We all need to join forces to conserve them," says Konstantin Kobyakov, HCV project coordinator of the WWF-Russia’s Forest program.

Intact Forests - the National Heritage of Russia

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The intact forests are very important not only for the conservation of the Earth's biological diversity as they help regulate the climate and water regimes of the planet, protect the soil from degradation, and help rivers remain affluent. According to a recent WWF survey, every year Russia loses more than 1.5 million hectares of intact forests due to logging, anthropogenic fires, road construction and mining, and the pace is growing rapidly. As early as in 40 years, Russia may lose half, and in 80 years all its intact forests.

In order to prevent that and help WWF conserve the remaining intact forests of our country, WWF-Russia supporters and Russian citizens who are not indifferent to the fate of the natural heritage of our country joined the campaign on the website at forest.wwf.ru, which was created with the support of the WWF – IKEA Partnership on Forests and were the first to guard them.

"As an Ambassador of the WWF-Russia Forest Program, I stand for the conservation of wildlife and intact forests! I do not want animals who used to live in these forests to suffer and trees to die. The conservation of these forests is also important for people. I am worried about our future, because I have a daughter. The future of our planet depends on each of us!", says Olga Ulanova, a blogger, a TV presenter of the Russian Musicbox channel and a Fashion TV reporter, who is an active supporter of conserving the natural beauty of the planet and its resources, and who joined the campaign.

Also, the Forest Guards project now has a Green information partner, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC Russia).  "The intact forests are the national wealth and natural heritage of our country. These forests can be easily lost in just a few decades, and to restore them even a few centuries may not be enough. Their conservation should become one of the most important tasks of Russian business and authorities. FSC Russia is a long-standing strategic partner of WWF-Russia in the conservation of the intact forests and always maintains the dialogue with the environmentally responsible forest business. We support Forest Guards as a Green partner of the campaign and urge all Russians to pay attention to the unique forest heritage of the country, which we may soon lose," says Nikolay Shmatkov, Director of FSC Russia.

WWF-Russia calls on citizens and companies who are not indifferent to the fate of Russian forests and their biodiversity to join the Forest Guards project and learn more about these forests in order to better understand their importance and their problems.

You can guard the forest together with WWF-Russia here.

WWF has been conserving the forests in Russia for 25 years. Find out what results we have achieved during this time thanks to the support of supporters and partners.

Headline photo: (c) Alexander  Plekhanov / WWF-Russia

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