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Khabarovsky Province: illegal loggers not left alone

24 january 2013
Joint raids of Khabarovsky Provincial Forestry Department, Interior Affairs Department, and WWF’s experts held in southern districts of the Province in late 2012 struck a blow at the illegal loggers.

Routine raids made in January proved that last year joint efforts have had a positive impact: at least no illegal loggings were revealed early this year.  

On November 29, not far from the village of Dolmi the raiders found among other illegally cut tree species 104 logs of Korean pine which is banned for logging since November 2010!

«Korean pine forests play a key role in the Amur tiger conservation, notes Andrey Sychikov, sustainable forestry projects coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch, one of the raids participants. Of course, when we noticed lorries’ tracks we decided to find forest robbers while the trail was still hot no matter what.”

As a result, a criminal case has been initiated; three timber trucks, 174 logs of ash, spruce, oak, and Koran pine have been confiscated.

Joint raids, called Operation Forest, are conducted two or three times a year.