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For the first time official data on forest fires are close to real ones in Russia

04 december 2014
The forest fire period of 2014 in Russia is over. To WWF’s opinion: one of the main outcomes that understated official figures of fires have become less, but problems aren’t solved yet.

According to official data for the first three quarters of 2014 the fire burnt over 3.14 million ha in Russia. And for the first time the official statistics is close to real data from specific scientific institutions.  So scientists from Russian Academy of Science estimate this number as 5 million ha. Before this year the official data were not higher than 2-2.5 million ha even in most difficult years.

«Considering Russia as the whole we can say that situation with fires was not very easy but not  really hard, too. The biggest burnt areas are in Eastern Siberia and Far East. The most populous areas didn’t suffer so much. – says forest programme coordinator of WWF’s Altai-Sayan office, Alexander Brukhanov. The most affected from forest fires areas in Russia are Irkutskaya, Amurskaya and Omskaya oblast, Zaboikalskyi and Krasnoyarskyi krai, Republics of Tyva,Buryatia and Sakha (Yakutia)».

There is still no complex official statistics on forest fire victims in Russia.  It is known only that because of fires and poisoning by combustion products on the forest, steppe and peat fires in 2014 at least 50 people felt.  However there are also no data on dead or injured from complications of chronic diseases that have become a consequence of the smoke in significant part of the country.

Concerning forest fire problem in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion WWF’s experts analyzed the data and concluded that the most affected from the fire area is Tyva Republic. Officially more than 94 thousands ha of forest destroyed by fires. Independent space monitoring system shows that it was area over 310 thousands ha. Data differs more than 3 times.

 According to the space monitoring the area covered by fires in the region is more than 600 thousands ha. From of this area about 36,000 thousands ha had been located on the territory of national parks and reserves in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion.