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Премия рунета 2017

WWF and Yves Rocher will plant 3.5 mln. cedars in Altai

31 may 2016
The cedars will be planted before 2020 to restore the landscapes damaged by forest fires and other nature disasters.

This spring about 196 ha of forest were restored and 588 000 cedars planted in Republic of Altai with support of Yves Rocher and the Ministry of Natural Resources of Republic of Altai. Siberian paine (Pinus siberica) was chosen as the only tree species for this period of the joint restoration project. Pine forest in Siberia is a home for many species, cedar nuts are the food for many animals. 

«We are planning to restore the naturally degraded forests, - says Viktor Sipkin, Altai-Sayan Forest Programme Coordinator. - The forest damaged by fire, strong wind and other natural disasters. Thanks to the professional efforts  of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Republic of Altai it was possible to grow pesticides free three-year-old seedlings. These seedlings were used for this spring forest restoration project».

The first stage of the program of WWF Altai-Sayan Programme and Yves Rocher Foundation for the restoration of degraded natural landscapes in the Altai Republic was implemented in 2012-2015. The first seedlings of 2012 rooted perfectly and already gave a good increase to 20-25 cm in height. In just four years in cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources of Altai Republic more than 4 million trees appeared in the region!

This allowed to restore 1,311.5 hectares of lost forest areas on the lands of Onguday, Shebalin, Ust-Koksinsky, Ust-Kansky, and Turochak forestries. Altai planting comprised up to most of all trees (5 million transplants) planted by Yves Rocher in Russia in five years of the program. The project was carried out as part of the international action of the Yves Rocher Foundation «Plant for the Planet» and it even entered the Russian Book of Records.

The second stage of the Program started in early 2016. This spring, 196 hectares of forest areas have already been restored in the Altai Mountains and 598,350 seedlings have been planted in the territories of Onguday, Turochak, Ust-Kansky and Ust-Koksinsky forestries.

«Nowadays we see positive dynamics of cooperation between the Ministry of Nature, WWF and the Yves Rocher Foundation in the area of ​​restoration of forests in the Altai Mountains! - says Alexander Alisov, the Minister of Natural Resources, Ecology and Property Relations of the Altai Republic. - Thanks to joint work on our land there are new cedar forests - the pride of the Republic of Altai! For four years we have been successfully working with the Yves Rocher Fund for reforestation, and I am confident that this important and responsible work will continue in the following years ».

The condition of the program is the complete absence of pesticides in the context of growing seedlings. For planting this season, three-year-old cedar seedlings grown in local nurseries of Gorny Altai, adopted to the climatic conditions of the region, and it causes good plant establishment.

«WWF highly appreciates the work of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Property Relations of the Altai Republic,» says Victor Sipkin, the Forest Program Coordinator in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion. «Together we preserve unique natural landscapes that have been affected by forest fires and forest pests. I would like to note not only the quality of the planting of the forest, but even the presence of the timely updated fire bands in Gorny Altai, as well as the yearly care for planting forests. This allows us to confidently say that in 30-50 years on the site of today's plantations there will be cedar forests. »

Ust-Koksa Forestry. Checking the previously planted area proved that the seedlings grow well.
© WWF Russia / V. Sipkin
Viktor Sipkin checking the restoration area.
© WWF Russia
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