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WWF-Russia and Stora Enso continues to promote sustainable forest management

17 april 2020
WWF-Russia and Stora Enso, which celebrated the 20th anniversary of the partnership last year, will continue to cooperate to promote sustainable forest management in Russia.

The promotion of sustainable forest management has been the focus of WWF-Russia and Stora Enso partnership for many years. Economically efficient, environmentally and socially responsible forestry allows managing the country's forest resources effectively as well as conserve intact forests. WWF-Russia welcomes Stora Enso's desire to continue working together to promote this model of forest management.

Moreover, at the new stage of cooperation, the work will continue on all previously launched projects, including the promotion and improvement of group forest certification, training of experts in social issues of forest certification, and evaluating the effectiveness of the allocation and conservation of biodiversity and key habitats within forest management certification.

"The interaction of the environmental organizations and responsible forest businesses is the key to success in the sustainable development of the industry. It is necessary if we really want to make our forestry environmentally sustainable and cost-effective, if we want to protect biodiversity and valuable forest landscapes. Only together can we achieve the ambitious goal of transitioning the Russian forest business to more sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible development model. The cooperation between WWF-Russia and Stora Enso is a good example of how you can gain impressive results in economic activity and at the same time protect conservation values of the Russian forests," says Alexander Voropaev, WWF-Russia Forest Program project coordinator.

(c) Cristine Tugova / WWF-Russia

The beginning of a long-term partnership between WWF-Russia and Stora Enso was laid back as early as in 1999, when an innovative project in forest management was launched in the Strugo-Krasnensky district of Pskov Region. This strategic innovation in the domestic forest sector was conceived and first implemented in the Pskov model forest (1999–2008). Later, that experience was extended to some other regions of the country and the practice of other companies. The outputs of the Pskov model forest project were also used for developing the national regulations of advanced sustainable forest management rules in Russia and recommendations for timber companies to protect biodiversity during logging.

In 2006–2007, a new joint project of WWF-Russia and Stora Enso was implemented for verifying the legality of wood origin, and in 2008–2010, after the completion of the Pskov model forest project, another project for analyzing improvements in the national forest legislation was implemented.

In 2010, a new stage of cooperation between WWF and Stora Enso began. The partnership focused on promoting sustainable forest management and voluntary forest certification in Russia. The projects have covered many aspects, including promoting the concept of sustainable forest management and the principles of voluntary forest certification among various stakeholders; direct support of companies in the transition to the new model of sustainable forest management and forest management certification; development of the requirements of biodiversity protection during logging; analysis of the effectiveness of the forest biodiversity protection practice during the first FSC certifications in the country; support for solving social issues in forest management; development of the FSC national standards for forest management, etc.

In 2019 – early 2020, a large joint project was implemented to widely discuss the most complex social aspects of sustainable forest management and voluntary forest certification. Four field workshops were held within the project to train experts and stakeholders in these complex and quite new issues for the Russian forest sector. A unique project was also launched to analyze the effectiveness of the allocation and conservation of biodiversity objects during the first FSC forest management certifications in Russia.

Stora Enso also plays a major role in promoting group forest management certification, an advanced and effective form of forest management certification. In 2020, another company, Lesnik LLC from Pskov Region, joined the Stora Enso group of FSC certified companies while the total area of the certified forests of the Stora Enso certification groups exceeded 1.3 million hectares.

Preview photo: (с) WWF-Russia. Headline photo: (с) Cristine Tugova / WWF-Russia.

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