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WWF delivered backpack fire extinguishers to prevent forest fires in Siberia

14 april 2020
WWF Russia delivered the backpack fire extinguishers to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Altaisky region

The government of Altaisky region declared the start of fire season on the 6th of April. WWF Russia delivered 24 backpack fire extinguishers to fight forest fires on the territory of the regional protected areas within the People for Nature project of WWF Russia and the European Union. 

Backpack fire extinguishers to fight forest fires.
(с) The Ministry of Natural resources of Altaisky region
“All vehicles of the patrol rangers will be supplied with these backpack fire extinguishers so that they can use them by their side in case they see fire. The amount of water in a tank of a fire extinguisher is enough to put down a small fire: fires left by careless tourists, some grass fires, etc. The grass fires on the fields are very common in spring and people tend to visit forests more often. The rangers will be able to stop the small fires and prevent bigger disaster”, says Alexey Astanin, Director of Altaipriroda, State Budgetary Institution.

In 2019 “People for Nature” project provided support for regional nature protected areas of Altaisky region and delivered forest fire prevention vehicle  for joint raids of non-governmental organizations and state rangers of Altaipriroda, State Budgetary Institution.

“Patrol group of rangers of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Altaisky region will be soon equipped by necessary field equipment and means of communication. It will help to cover a bigger area, the most remote corners and patrol the area more effectively. This kind of partnership will first of all benefit the protected areas”, says Alexey Gribkov, WWF expert.

Totally this year People for Nature project provided 700.000 roubles for protection of protected areas of Altasky region. 

“We have fruitful partnership between government and ecological NGO in the region. This is how it has to be. Only mutual partnership will help us reach the goals we set”, says Vladimir Popryadukhin, the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Altaisky region.
Additional safety precautions were undertaking while delivering the equipment
(с) The Ministry of Natural Resources of Altaisky region

The People for Nature project is implemented by WWF Russia with the support of the European Union and aims to engage a wide range of stakeholders in environmental protection. The project will be carried out in 2019-2022. Its tasks are as follows: preservation of forests by preventing degradation and illegal use of forests, as well as reducing the negative impact of industry on the environment by reducing air pollution and increasing the environmental responsibility of business.

Today there 107 protected areas of the regional subordinate: 38 state nature refugees, 67 nature monuments, Aya and Predgorya Altaya nature parks. The total area of the regional protected areas amounts up to 765,1 thousand hectares.


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