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WWF-Russia and ULK Group will develop sustainable forest management in Arkhangelsk Region

01 february 2020
The agreement of intent on sustainable forest management within the lease area of ULK Group was signed on 1 February during the onsite meeting of the Interdepartmental working group on improvement of forest legislation of the Russian Federation.

The main goal of the partnership is to develop sustainable management of forest resources in Ustyansky district of Arkhangelsk Region, which will be based on the development of enhanced sustainable forest management in already developed industrial forests and conservation of intact forests that have not yet been affected by industrial activity.

The main directions of partnership will be the development of enhanced sustainable forest management in the leased areas of ULK Group in Ustyansky district, which will ensure economically profitable forestry, while maintaining the biological diversity of the forests, and development and implementation of forest recovery on agricultural lands.

(c) Anna Porokhova / WWF-Russia

Within the partnership pilot production plots for implementation of enhanced sustainable forest management will be set, and training for personnel to carry out the required tasks, including senior and middle level managers, and forestry workers will be organized. Based on the results of the project, it is planned to create some examples of the implementation of best practices in competent reforestation, including thinning in young stand and agricultural crops, as well as to train specialists in the field of enhanced forest management and the allocation and biodiversity conservation during logging.

"We welcome the intention of ULK Group, one of the largest lessees of the forests in Arkhangelsk Region, to conduct environmentally responsible forest management, which will not only bring greater profits for the company, but will also allow conducting business competently, based on the sustainable development principles. In 2020, we plan to sign another agreement with ULK Group on conserving intact forests that are most valuable from an environmental point of view and at the same time the most vulnerable leased by the company. This is the home for many rare species of plants and animals, not affected by human activity yet. Effective conservation of these forests is only possible with the support of business and the development of competent and effective forest management in industrial forests. We hope for fruitful cooperation with ULK Group, and expect that the company's example will be followed by other stakeholders in the region," says Andrey Shchegolev, WWF-Russia Forest Program Director.

Preview photo: (c) Anna Porokhova / WWF-Russia. Headline photo: (c) Cristine Tugova / WWF-Russia.

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