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02 september 2019
WWF-Russia’s audit of logging legality in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic shows that unlawful loggers don’t give up and looking for new methods for illegal activities.

In July 2019, WWF-Russia volunteers inspected two forest areas, where sanitary and health measures were officially approved as a cover for illegal logging of healthy wood. This method requires minimal economic costs for a logger. 

In first site were cut down several dozen healthy trees of Caucasian fir (Nordman fir) aged between 50-250 years. Paint marking on the trees were found on wrecking stumps. This fact shows that the logging was approved by the forest management authority.
Logging on the first site
(c) WWF-Russia
Selective sanitary logging to remove old and dead wood was planned at the second site. But in fact healthy Caucasian fir trees were cut down there too.
Logging on the second site
(c) WWF-Russia

«During inspection the fact of substitution of logging kind was proved, when healthy trees were cut down instead of sick trees. As a result, 4 officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility. Logging in these areas has been stopped», - Elena Cherkasova, Forest Officer of «Russian Caucasus» Ecoregional Office WWF-Russia said.

Information about these violations were send to the municipal district Prosecutor.
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