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The poaching situation on the Bolshaya River remains almost unmanageable

20 august 2014
A sack of roe, 14 sacks of fish and 20 nets confiscated public fishing inspectors from poachers on the Bolshaya River.

Public inspectors constantly risk their health, and sometimes even lives, trying to protect vulnerable ecosystem of the Bolshaya River. They patrol river basin day and night, being a permanent irritant for hordes of poachers. The jobs of volunteers becomes more difficult as criminals keep an eye on fishing inspectors and report their cronies about every move, which volunteers take. That’s why usually, when the inspectors get to the scene of a crime, no fishermen can be spotted. However, sacks of salt, buckets for roe, nets, boats and even a creeper tractor prove criminal activity indisputably.

Public fishing inspectors spotted and removed 20 illegally installed nets (some of them up to 60 meters long), confiscated 15 sacks of poached roe and fish in a month.

But sometimes poachers come over monitoring stations themselves, as it happen on July, 17. An inspector, who observes estuary of the Bolshaya River hosted a delegation of eight angry men. The visitors tried to bully the observer into leaving immediately; otherwise they threatened to burn him alive. Thanks to his extraordinary diplomatic skills the public inspector managed to solve the conflict and calm angry men down.

Despite severe conditions, the public fishing inspectors will stay on the Bolshaya River until the end of fishing season.

© WWF-Russia / Sergey Rafanov
Public fishing inspectors spotted a place, where poachers left dead fish after taking roe away
© WWF-Russia / Sergey Rafanov
© WWF-Russia / Yury Kislyak