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Longline Fishery Association was certified against MSC standards

01 november 2019
Bering Sea cod and halibut fisheries of the Longline Fishery Association (LFA) were certified against MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) standards. The certificate was officially presented during China Seafood Expo in Qingdao (China),

The certificate confirms high level of company’s responsibility in relation to stock management and crew training. The document recognizes fishery’s zero marine mammal by-catch as well as company’s efforts to minimize seabird bycatch. Independent monitoring conducted on regular basis ensures company’s compliance with high environmental standards.

“WWF-Russia's suggestions were heard and included in the fishery improvement plan," says the head of WWF-Russia's Sustainable Marine Fishery Programm Miron Borgulev. "WWF-Russia has long going history of cooperation with the Longline Fishery Association. We work together to make fishing more and more environmentally sound. In our opinion, the MSC certificate, given to the LFA, is absolutely deserved."
LFA harvests one third of the Russia’s total catch of Pacific cod and about half of Pacific halibut. The certificate ensures stocks sustainability and environmentally sound way of fishing.

Photo in the head: © R.Klepikovski / WWF-Russia

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