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The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia plans to renew the regulations for commercial fishing process this year

02 april 2018

There are several suggestions publish on Regulation.gov.ru portal (a special portal for public discussion of laws and governmental decrees which are about to become effective) concerning commercial fishing. A number of them are about fishing for salmon in Kamchatka, Sakhalin and the Kuril islands.

“As a result of last year’s fishing season, a number of shortcomings of modern Russian fishing system have arisen,” says Sergey Korostelev, the Marine Program Coordinator of WWF-Russia’s Kamchatka Office. “The existing methods of fishing management were formed during a period of high salmon runs. The higher the runs were, the more fishing activity on the river was imposed: the number of trap nets and fishing brigades was constantly rising. An abrupt decline in salmon runs in Sakhalin and the Amur River combined with remaining high pressure led almost to a disaster. The only logical way out of this tight situation was to limit the fishing activity.”

Some of the suggested improvements of fishery management will be temporary, only effective during this year’s fishing season; others will be included in a new version of Fishing Regulations and thus become permanent.

In 2018, it will be prohibited to use set with a leader longer than 1 500 meters. This restriction if effective for North and South Kuril fishing zones, East and West Sakhalin subzones, North-Okhotsk and Kamchatka-Kuril subzone in the boundaries of Sakhalin region.

Set nets will be permanently banned in Sakhalin Island and the Amur estuary. In Kamchatka, it will be prohibited to use trap nets and set gillnets on the same fishery plot at the same time. The number of set gillnets on a fishery plot is limited to 20, their length – to 120 meters. These limitations will be effective both for commercial fishing and communities of indigenous people of the North.

Sports fishermen will not use drifting gillnets and set gillnets in Elizovsky district of Kamchatka. Anadromous Fish Commission will receive powers to limit and shut recreational fishing at salmon spawning grounds during the period of the major salmon runs.

The additions are expected to become effective before June 1 which is the official date of the beginning of the salmon fishing season.