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Премия рунета 2017

Scientists of Kamchatka supported the idea of establishing FPA in West-Kamchatka shelf

17 november 2017
WWF’s additions to the final resolution of the XVIII International Scientific Conference “Conservation of Biodiversity of Kamchatka and Coastal Waters” included encouraging of work to establish a first in Russia fishery protected area (FPA).

A necessity to attract government’s attention to hazardous possibilities of oil and gas development in the shelf areas near Kamchatka was one of the major decisions of the Conference. Being extremely productive, the shelves of the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk are important for food safety of Russia. In the recent years, these regions got in danger of environmentally devastating human impact. Thus, the areas must be protected by complex survey and dividing into zones with limited human activity.

WWF has suggested limiting oil and gas companies’ plans concerning the development of deposits in shelf areas of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea, and also introduced an idea of establishing an FPA in the West Kamchatka. An FPA can be used to protect fishermen’s interests and exclude transit shipping and development of carbohydrate deposits from the list of allowed human activities in the area.

“The Legislative Assembly of Kamchatka and the regional administration cannot force the establishing of FPA directly. However, according to Russian legislation, scientific research institutes, KamchatNIRO in our case, have power to initiate the establishing and conduct all necessary procedures”, - says Sergey Korostelev, the Marine Program Coordinator of WWF-Russia’s Kamchatka Office.

The final resolution takes into account WWF-Russia’s suggestions and recommends KamchatNIRO to prepare economic and environmental impact statement which will become a firm ground for establishing FPA in the West-Kamchatka shelf. 

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