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Премия рунета 2017


11 january 2019
Today, the Russian wildlife sanctuary system celebrates 102 years since its foundation and 25 years together with WWF Russia.

On January 11 (by the Gregorian calendar), 1917, the first wildlife sanctuary in our country, the Barguzinsky nature reserve, was established. Since then, over 200 million hectares, or about 11% of the entire country, have been taken under protection in Russia. It has been a quarter of a century already that WWF Russia has been working on conserving wilderness areas, and 2019 is the anniversary year for the Fund.

Employees of specially protected areas in dozens of video messages recall the most memorable projects they managed to accomplish thanks to cooperation with WWF.

Over the years, 140 specially protected natural areas of various levels with a total area of over 54 million hectares have been established with the participation of the Fund. This is more than the area of Germany. With the most active participation of WWF Russia, the national parks "Call of the Tiger," "Udege Legend" and "Anyuysky" were established, the habitat of the Amur tiger; "Land of the Leopard," inhabited by the rare spotted predator; the national parks "Russian Arctic" and "Beringia," which are inhabited by walruses and polar bears and where colonies of birds are located. Thanks to the cooperation with WWF, 30% of the area of Yakutia is now specially protected natural areas of different status.

The Khibiny Mountains, Kola Peninsula. Photo by: (c) Georgiy Kasyanov / WWF Russia
The New Siberian Islands. Photo by: Andrian Kolotilin / WWF Russia

Among the successes of last year was the establishment of the Khibiny national park, which was made possible thanks to the 10 years of work and the active participation of WWF in the Murmansk region.
In addition, with the support and active participation of WWF, the New Siberian Islands nature reserve was established, being the largest federal sanctuary reserve in the country and the second largest specially protected natural area in Russia. The territory of the newly established PA is almost 6.6 million hectares, including 4.9 million hectares of marine area.

Russia currently has 110 nature reserves and 56 national parks, 60 federal reserves, and about 12,000 protected areas of other categories. They are of great importance for the conservation of such unique species as the Amur tiger, the Far Eastern leopard, the snow leopard, the white-naped crane and many others.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is the Russian national organization, the largest environmental NGO in our country. During 25 years, the Fund has implemented more than 1,000 field projects in 47 regions of Russia. The Reserves and National Parks Day has been celebrated on the initiative of WWF Russia since 1997.

Photo in the preview and caption by: (c) Georgiy Kasyanov / WWF Russia 

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