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Премия рунета 2017

10 million tenge for the development of green economy

30 june 2019
That's the total funding allocated to projects supported by WWF-Russia under the program for reintroduction of the Caspian tiger into the wild nature of Kazakhstan.

The tigers will be released into the wild in the foreseeable future around the south of Lake Balkhash and the delta of Ili River. That is why WWF-Russia has already launched the small grant program in the area which aims to introduce latest practices of sustainable use of natural resources in order to optimize the state of the region's ecosystems and increase the potential of local communities. Non-governmental foundation Ecobioproekt is carrying out the work within the project.

At the end of April, members of WWF-Russia visited Karoy and Koktal settlements in the Balkhash District of Almaty Region in Kazakhstan. They met with local residents and shared the information about the competition of small projects involved in the green economy development. In May, Karoy settlement hosted a kick-off workshop where all the interested parties received the information about the competition requirements, including how to submit an application, how to receive funding, as well as the subsequent reports on the conducted activities and the monitoring of project implementation. 49 workshop participants also got acquainted with effective management methods that contribute to better use and conservation of natural resources. The attendees learned about the activities of the Ile-Balkhash wildlife reserve where WWF is implementing the reintroduction of the Caspian tiger. 

A special committee received a total of 19 applications and shortlisted 9 participants. This includes a project on cultivation of high-yield maize used for grains; diary processing; breeding geese, ducks and chicken; developing eco-tourism by creating a hotel, an ethnic aul and a souvenir workshop; and creating a farm for sustainable forest management. Due to the high number of applications, every project will get a funding of 68 % of the solicited amount. The total funding amounts to 23,000 euro (approx. 10 million tenge). According to the program requirements, all projects should be completed during the current year, and their performance will be assessed over the course of 2 years after completion.

Установочный семинар состоялся 6 мая 2019 г. в с.Карой в конференц-зале Дома культуры.