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Kyrgyzstan awarded WWF

28 october 2013
Olga Pereladova, head of WWF Central Asian Program, received Environmental Excellence Award for her contribution to the nature conservation in Kyrgyzstan.

The award was presented by the State Environmental and Forestry Agency of Kyrgyzstan during the Global Snow Leopard Conservation Forum on October 23 in Bishkek.

It was the only award given at the Forum.

Among achievements of Olga Pereladova in Kyrgyzstan is development of Econet for the region, in coordination with national experts. Econet is a system that unites protected nature areas of different status and territories of different nature use regimes, integrated into the socio-economic development plans. Econet has become more than just a paper scheme: even with the Program’s limited funding, WWF found ways to support creation of a number of nature reserves and parks to form the “core” of the Econet. Currently,  WWF is working on the creation of the first Econet cluster in this country – in the highlands of Tian Shan, main snow leopard habitat.

Starting from last year, WWF US / USAID joined the program funded by WWF-Netherlands. Also, GEF-UNDP announced a new project based on the Econet scheme at the Global Snow Leopard Conservation Forum. Joint work of these two projects will allow substantial protection of over 40% of snow leopard habitats in Kyrgyzstan.

WWF Program in Central Asia, headed from the very beginning by Olga, has been providing real help to nature reserves, and also has been supporting work of the Regional Intergovernmental Sustainable Development Committee.

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