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A new stage of monitoring and protection of snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan

21 may 2021
A field seminar was held in Central Tien Shan, in the Sarytchat Eertash reserve, with the participation of representatives of the Sailyugem National Park of the Altai Republic, and a program was initiated to use the NextGis mobile application, which will allow integrating snow leopard monitoring data in Kyrgyzstan into an integrated database

From 6 to 12 May 2021, with the support of the WWF Central Asian Program, a field seminar was held in the Sartychat Eertash Reserve with the participation of representatives of the Saylyugem National Park (Altai Republic). 

During the field work, the staff of the two protected areas exchanged practical experience in monitoring and practical conservation of  snow leopard and its ecosystems.

A program was initiated to use the NextGis mobile application. In particular, the project " the Snow leopard  monitoring in the Kyrgyz Republic" was developed, based on the general methodological developments of the biodiversity conservation projects coordinator of the the WWF Altai-Sayan program Alexander Karnaukhov. “Using the NextGis application allows us to make and record all our observations and changes in the environment, while one smartphone replaces a pen, a notebook, a camera and a GPS navigator. It is noteworthy that, in the absence of communication, the application records the data in the smartphone's memory, and when accessing the global network, all data is uploaded to the server and become available to all project participants, ”comments Alexander.


A field seminar in Central Tien Shan, in the Sarytchat Eertash reserve
(с) WWF-Russia

As part of the field work, camera traps were installed on the territory to monitor the snow leopard; the employees were provided with smartphones with a personalized application that allows them to monitor, record and protect biodiversity. 

Colleagues from Saylyugem National Park shared their experience of using the application, it had been implemented there since  2019.  

The project participants noted the convenience, simplicity and functionality of the application. 

Alexey Kuzhelekov, Researcher of the Saylyugem Natural Park, shares his experience: "It is worth noting that after two years of using the application, we simplify the procedure of registering signs of life leopard other species. Moreover, the systematization of the collected data has improved. All this improves knowledge about the snow leopards and about the biodiversity of the region as a whole.”

As a result of the joint field work, an agreement on cooperation was signed between the Sartychat Eertash nature reserve and the Federal State Budgetary Institution of the National Natural Park "Saylyugem".

The participants of the meeting expressed the hope that by joint efforts tangible results will be achieved in preserving the charismatic species - the lord of the highlands.

Photo credits: (c) WWF-Russia

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