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The Silver Berry was planted in the Ile-Balkhash natural reserve

03 november 2020
The bitterly sweet fruits of the Silver Berry (the second name of it is the Bukhara jida) are the favorite food of deers, roe deers and wild boars.

In total 15,600 seedlings were planted in the reserve on an area of ​​20 hectares. The plants were brought from farms near Kaskelen and Shamalgan in Kazakhstan. WWF-Russia provided financial support for the project.

Until spring, the Silver Berry will stay under a layer of snow, and from April, due to watering, it will bloom and bear fruits.

The Silver Berry is a part of the tugay forest. Moreover, turanga (a variety of Poplar tree), willow, tamarisk provide dense thickets.Riparian forests are special: it’s a mini ecosystem that arose along the river banks in Central Asia, including the Ili River. Usually it’s from 20 meters to several kilometers from the water's edge on both banks. It’s a kind of oasis rich in flora and fauna next to desert places”, - Grigory Mazmaniants, Director of the Central Asian program of WWF-Russia says.
Planting the Silver Berry in Ile-Balkhash reserve
(c) WWF-Russia

This plant is photophilous, drought-resistant, tolerates dry and saline soils. Frost-hardy (up to - 40 C).

The restoration of riparian forests in the nature reserve is one of the important parts of the tiger reintroduction program in the southern Balkhash region.

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