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Премия рунета 2017

"Ile-Balkhash" natural reserve – the first participation in “March of Parks”

22 march 2019
On the 22nd of March, the Ile-Balkhash nature reserve joined the public environmental campaign "March of Parks 2019". The celebration was organised in the aul of Karoly of the Balkhash district of the Almaty region. The first day of the March coincided with the holiday of Renewal and the onset of the New Year on the solar calendar - Nauryz, so the event turned out to be especially bright.

The day was full of fun and very informative. WWF representatives and colleagues from the Ile-Balkhash reserve told residents of the village about Bukhara deer, whose restoration  was initiated as a part of the tiger reintroduction program. Both adults and children listened with a particular interest about the striped predator: according to the project, the first tigers are planned to be released in the area after 2025.

According to the established good tradition of the “March of Parks”, the participants of the action planted trees. Under the acute guidance of the rangers of the Ile-Balkhash reserve, schoolchildren of the local school planted waysides of trees around the alma mater.

As part of the celebration, the reserve’s administration and  management staff, together with the head of the Central Asian WWF Russia program, organized meetings with the elders and the administration of the village. WWF Small Grants Program was discussed during the meeting, the importance of the reserve and future of presence of  tiger in it  for local residents;  the desire to see their land prosperous was clearly expressed.

 “The March of Parks 2019 will last from March 22 to May 22,” said the director of the Central Asian Program of WWF Russia, Grigory Mazmaniants. “A lot of environmental actions are planned, in which local residents will take part, because the March of Parks is not just an international action, it is primarily a holiday and celebration for those who live near protected areas and for whom the preservation of their native land is a necessity”.

Photo credits: (с) Evgeniy Bragin / WWF России

Photo credits: (c) Grigory Mazmaniants / WWF Russia
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