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Премия рунета 2017

Schoolchildren from Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic, competed with employees of nature reserves

09 october 2019
Ecological competition was dedicated to World Animal Day

Employees of the Narynsky and Kartal-Zhapyryk State Nature Reserves organized an environmental competition for schoolchildren “We are one blood with you!” with the support of the WWF-GLIP project, on the occasion of the World Animal Protection Day. Teams consisted of the staff-members of the nature reserves and schoolchildren, participating in environmental education. The winners and participants of the competitions received valuable prizes from the WWF-GLIP project, as well as books and maps of protected areas of Kyrgyzstan. In addition, team –winner – staff-members of the Narynsky Reserve and schoolchildren - was nominated to take part in the regional tenth-anniversary festival “Snow Leopard Land”, which will be held on October 23, on the International Snow Leopard Day.

The WWF-GLIP project is involved in the conservation of wildlife in the Kyrgyz Republic and the conservation of natural ecosystems, primarily the habitats of rare and endangered species. For this, the project is supporting ECONET development in the country - a unified network of specially protected natural areas (SPNA), and development of sustainable natural resources management by local communities in ecological corridors and buffer zones . The Narynsky Nature Reserve, located in the Inner Tien Shan, is a new territory for the WWF; the activities here began last year.

One of the important forms of work is environmental education and various human dimension activities in the areas inhabited by rare and endangered species. All environmental dates are celebrated every year with active participation of nature reserves and local communities. And the holiday held in Narynsky reserve was devoted to the World Animal Day.

According to the "Living Planet" WWF report , the population of wild animals on Earth over 40 years decreased by 60 percent. And every person of the Earth should think and ask himself the question: who will be the next? If the extinction of species continues as intensively as recently, soon people themselves may appear in the list of extinct species.

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