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The Karatal-Zhapyryk reserve employees received sets of winter uniform

21 december 2020
Within the framework of the СEPF-WWF-GLIP project “On Biodiversity Conservation through Capacity Building and Implementation of a System for Assessing the Environmental Efficiency of Protected Areas,” the staff of the Karatal-Zhapyryk State Natural Reserve in Kyrgyzstan received sets of uniform.
“In the harsh climatic conditions of the highlands, 19 employees of the reserve constantly go on raids. The highly rugged terrain of the reserve forces the gamekeepers to travel on horseback or on foot in raids lasting several days. The waterproof and windproof suits completed with thermal underwear and ankle boots that we got, will greatly facilitate the work of employees in the field. And it is important that the uniform form commands respect among local residents and scares off poachers, contributing to the prevention of environmental violations and we express our gratitude to this project,” - the director of the reserve, Bakyt Choroev, says.
The Karatal-Zhapyryk natural reserve employees, Kyrgyzstan
The Sarychat-Eertash State Reserve employees, Kyrgyzstan
(c) WWF-Russia

Also, within the framework of the project, joint work is being carried out to conduct an "Assessment of the environmental efficiency of the Karatal-Zhapyryk state natural reserve".

The WWF-GLIP project is making great efforts to provide methodological and technical support and improve the working conditions of protected areas staff.

It is also gratifying that the WWF-GLIP project "Creation of an ecological network in the Central and Inner Tien Shan" in Kyrgyzstan is going on, and the employees of the Sarychat-Eertash State Reserve also received sets of winter field clothing (from the sale of yaks from the demonstration herd). Living treasures of the Tien Shan are under reliable protection!

For more information, contact the coordinator of the CEPF-WWF-GLIP project Farida Balbakova f_balbakova@mail.ru Tel: 077252727

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