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Tiger training module is being introduced in Balkhash district

03 december 2020
As part of the program of the reintroduction of tiger to Kazakhstan, in December, 3 this year, an interactive lesson about the striped predator was held at the school in the Bakanas village. The tiger will return to these lands many years later.

The lesson was organized by the employees of the Department of Environmental Education, Tourism and Recreation of the Ile-Balkhash State Nature Reserve in close cooperation with the Education Department of the Balkhash District.

In the context of a pandemic, the lesson was held online, it was attended by more than 60 pupils of the 5-8 grades of the Balkhash area. It should be noted that the all children study remotely from September 1, 2020. On their part there was a keen interest in the topic of the tiger, they asked a lot of questions, actively participated in the tasks. The lesson was conducted by the reserve employee Serik Abilov on the Zoom platform.

To conduct the classes, the Begonia design studio, with the support of WWF-Russia, has developed special training modules in Russian and Kazakh, which introduce children to the peculiarities of tiger life. In addition, interactive lessons tell about specially protected natural areas as a habitat for predators and how to live without conflict with a tiger.

The interactive lesson about a tiger in Balkhash district
(c) WWF-Russia

The training modules are in the public domain, so anyone can use the developed materials for classes with children. You can download them here.

The idea of ​​reintroducing tigers in Central Asia using the Amur tiger from the Russian Far East has been discussed for a long time, the Government of Kazakhstan supported this project back in 2010. But to start the program, scientific research was needed to determine the possible return sites of predators and to study the possible results of reintroduction under various scenarios. This work took almost 10 years, and in September 2017, a Memorandum was signed between WWF and the Government of Kazakhstan on the implementation of a tiger reintroduction program in Central Asia.

In June 2018, the Ile-Balkhash reserve with an area of ​​more than 415 thousand hectares appeared in the system of specially protected natural areas of Kazakhstan, on the territory of which an ecosystem suitable for tiger habitat will be restored. It is planned that the first delivery of Amur tigers here will take place no earlier than 2024.

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