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The release of Bukhara deers took place in The Ile-Balkhash nature reserve

08 october 2020
In The Ile-Balkhash nature reserve, the second release of Bukhara deers took place into the wild, exactly one year after the first five animals were released.
In the end of September 2020, representatives of The Ile-Balkhash State Nature Reserve, Almaty Regional Territorial Inspectorate for Forestry and World Animals, The Institute of Zoology of the Republic of Kazakhstan and WWF Russia opened an open-air cage with artiodactyl animals and installed a number of camera traps to record their entry into the wild.
“The soft release of Bukhara deer is a gradual adaptation of animals in the reserve. Having opened the aviary, we installed feeders near the exit, so that the deers could move to the feed and further move freely on their territory", - Leonid Sidorenko, environmental inspector, says.

Since last year, there have been five Bukhara deers on the territory of the reserve, and camera traps have captured the addition of offspring: at least one deer got into the shot of the camera. Now, 14 deers and 1 fawn have joined the horned relatives.

Bukharian deer in a free environment
WWF Russia

At the beginning of the last century, the Bukhara deer disappeared from the fauna of the Southern Balkhash region, and by the middle of the century - and across Kazakhstan as a whole. Today the animal is listed in The International Red List and The Red List of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"We released fourteen Bukhara deers and one fawn and they gradually get used to their natural habitat. I would like to express my gratitude to WWF Russia for the support provided in the implementation of this project”, - Ulan Mamyrbaev, Deputy Director of The Ile-Balkhash Nature Reserve, says.

The return of the Bukhara deer to the wild nature of the Balkhash region is an important stage in the program of the reintroduction of the Caspian tiger, which WWF Russia is implementing jointly with the government of Kazakhstan.

We express our gratitude to the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan and "Okhotzooprom" for the provided cages for transporting reindeer.

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