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The anniversary festival

23 october 2019
In honor of the International Snow Leopard day, with the support of WWF-Russia, Sarychat Eertash and Naryn state reserves together organized the 10th ecological festival “The Land of Snow Leopard”.

The event was held on October 23 in the high-mountain village of Akshiyrak, Issyk-Kul Oblast, Kyrgyzstan in the frame of the WWF-GLIP project “Creating an Ecological Network in the Central and Inner Tien Shan”.

The guests of the festival saw concerts and performances based on the legends and tales of local nomads. songs, dances, poems were devoted to rare species of animals - living treasures of Kyrgyzstan. In addition to the snow leopard, the “heroes” of the festival were ibex, argali, bear, deer, as well as various types of butterflies and bees. Costumes, make-up, and production plots drew the attention of viewers to the vulnerability of mountain ecosystems and animals that live on the same earth with us. The annual holding of the “The Land of Snow Leopard” eco-festival has become a good tradition for residents of villages bordering the Sarychat-Ertash and Naryn reserves and the Khan-Tengri nature park.

“The WWF-GLIP project is making great efforts to attract local residents of mountain settlements to participate in this celebrations. We are sure that the festival “The Land of Snow Leopard” makes a significant contribution in upbringing  a solicitous attitude to nature and in the revival of national traditions of life in unity with nature. And this festival has already become a “brand identity” of villages bordering with the protected areas,” commented Olga Pereladova, a scientific adviser of the WWF-Russia Central Asian Programme.

For the first time, the festival “Snow Leopard Land” was held in the village of Akshyyrak in 2009 and has since covered other high-mountain villages - Enilchek, Karakolka, Barskoon, Tash-Bashat. Its purpose is to draw the attention of the population of the region and the country as a whole to the importance of preserving snow leopards - the lord of the mountains. No less important is the revival of the traditions of the Kyrgyz people in a careful attitude to natural resources.

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