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Workshop on the environmental effectiveness of PAs was held in the Kulun-Ata nature reserve in Kyrgyzstan

06 april 2021
The training seminar was held within the framework of the project “Biodiversity Conservation via Strengthening the Capacity of Protected Areas by Introducing a System for Assessing Environmental Effectiveness of the Kulun-Ata and Karatal-Zhapyryk State Reserves”.

The project, in turn, is being implemented within the framework of the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund “Mountains of Central Asia Biodiversity Hotspot” grant program. The staff of the Kulun-Ata nature reserve got acquainted with the goals, objectives and preliminary assessment. 

“The need for this assessment to form an information database on flora, fauna and ecosystems of the reserve has long been overdue. The methodology allows to identify deficiencies in management, planning, size and territorial integrity and other problems, to solve them and improve environmental efficiency. The results will be useful for reporting to the relevant government agencies and decision-makers at the local and state level,” said Asan Borombayev, director of the Kulun-Ata nature reserve.
Azat Alamanov (c) GLIP

This methodology was developed by WWF-Russia expert Mikhail Stishov and adapted by national experts Azat Alamanov and Farida Balbakova for the protected areas of Kyrgyzstan. After approbation, the assessment methodology was approved by the Order of the State Environmental and Forestry Agency at the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and its implementation is mandatory for all protected areas of the country. The methodology is a ready-made module for integration into the state digitalization program of the Kyrgyz Republic.

For additional information, please contact the project manager  of GLIP Farida Balbakova: f_balbakova@mail.ru

For additional information please contact
Director of the Central Asian Program Office of WWF-Russia