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Премия рунета 2017

WWF and local development funds will help save the leopard now and in the Inner Tien Shan

01 november 2018
A new local development fund (LDF) was established on the 31 of October with the support of the WWF project “Creating an Ecological Network in the Central and Inner Tien Shan”.

To create a new LDF in the villages around the Naryn State Reserve, WWF allocated $ 4,500 in the form of a grant, and another thousand dollars was contributed by members of three jamaats.

We collaborated very efficiently with the local communities for a number of years in the Central Tien Shan – It helped to preserve and significantly increase the numbers of ungulates’ populations and to double the number of snow leopards,  says Olga Pereladova, the scientific adviser of the WWF Russia Central Asian Programme. In addition, people began to live much better, having mastered alternative ecologically-friendly forms of income generation and proper economic planning of their activities.”

To get acquainted with the best practices in the development of such funds and share experiences, the head of the LDF from p. Akshyrak conducted a seminar in Naryn, as well as a study tour in s. Enilchek for representatives of the Naryn State Reserve. During the trip, the beneficiaries participated in the annual meeting of the LDF in Enilchek. In addition to studying the mechanism of functioning of the fund, the participants were acquainted with the results of practical activities of several Jaamats, in particular, they saw the results and profits of yak breeding, felt production and application of modern methods of pedigree work  in livestock breeding.

We would like to remind, that in 2014, such LDFs were created in the villages of Enilchek and Akshyrak around the Sarytchat-Eertash Reserve. Over the past time they were able to double the funds allocated and proved their validity and value.

“At the recent phase of the project development, our main task is to replicate the successful experience of work of the LDFs in other regions of the snow leopard’s habitats - first of all, in the Inner Tien Shan,” pointed out Olga Pereladova. “We hope that the creation of the first local development fund in this region will become an equally effective mechanism, and local communities will fully use and apply the experience gained earlier.”

Photo: © Flickr.com / Tambako The Jaguar


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