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WWF participated in the x civil forum of Kazakhstan

26 november 2021
The X Civil Forum "30 years of Partnership in the interests of sustainable development of society and the state" is being held in Almaty from November 22 to 26
The anniversary forum dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan discusses the development of democratic processes, the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the country, as well as the main tasks of society, the state and business. During the event, more than 30 discussion platforms, expert discussions and panel sessions were organized.

For WWF, this is the first participation in a Civil Forum, in which the director of the WWF Central Asian Program Grigory Mazmanyants presented a program for the return of the tiger to Kazakhstan. He shared information about how the idea to restore the population of a long-extinct predator appeared, about the details of the reintroduction program and the results of work since the creation of the Ile-Balkhash State Nature Reserve. He noted that without the assistance of local residents living near the reserve, the implementation of a unique project would have been impossible. The guests of the forum were also invited to participate in the competition of large and small grants, which WWF coordinates as part of the program for the conservation of key biodiversity areas in the mountainous region.
Sputnik Kazakhstan
"The tiger program is unique not only because of the restoration of the striped predator population and the support of local residents, but also by uniting people in a single and good cause! Work on such a large-scale project for the whole world occupies an important place in the conservation of the country's biodiversity. The more we remind ourselves of our duty to nature– the closer the arrival of the majestic beast is," says Grigory Mazmanyants, Director of the WWF Central Asian Program.
At the end of the forum, a memorandum on mutual and fruitful cooperation was signed between the Civil Alliance and the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature in Kazakhstan.
Sputnik Kazakhstan
"WWF's participation in such a major event, especially on the threshold of the thirtieth anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is certainly a great honor for the representation of the World Wide Fund for Nature in the country, especially before the year of the tiger. We are always happy to share news about our work, in particular about the predator reintroduction program and projects to preserve key areas of biodiversity” Mazmanyants said.
The Civic Forum is the largest dialogue platform of civil society, government and business, which is supported by the Ministry of Information and Public Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main idea of the country's large-scale event in the sphere of interaction between the state and the non-governmental sector is a global view of civil society.
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