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CROC and WWF Russia joint efforts to preserve Siberian forests

20 march 2020
СROC, a leading Russian IT company, and its partners have supported WWF-Russia "Forest Guards" project dedicated to the conservation of intact Russian forests. In the light of the International Day of Forests WWF-Russia was funded to protect and reforest 250 ha of Siberian wild areas in the Irkutsk region
Bringing sustainable values into its corporate culture, CROC has given up an idea of material corporate presents traditionally granted in Russia to celebrate seasons’ holidays such as February 23 (known as Defender of the Fatherland Day or Men's Day) and March 8 (International Women’s Day). On behalf of CROC WWF Russia presented to the company’s partners personalized "Forest Guards" certificates and branded souvenirs.

“For more than 27 years, CROC has been creating the digital ecosystem in Russia, paying particular attention to environmental issues and responsible consumption. Environmental initiatives have always been CROC's strategic priority; they serve as a social platform connecting the company and its business partners that share our values. In 2020, we continue supporting projects and initiatives in the field of ecology, thus, our cooperation with WWF Russia is particularly important for us. The "Forest Guards" project has helped CROC bring together more than 200 partners to preserve intact Siberian forests, which suffer from annual forest fires and logging. We are working hard to expand our pool of like-minded people and hope that CROC's environmental initiatives will draw attention to the need of preserving and being responsible for nature for the sake of future generations, ” Elena Volkovskaya, Chief of Strategy Marketing at CROC, commented.

ntact forests are the last corners of the wild nature that have not been subject to a significant human impact yet. They are very important for the conservation of the Earth's biological diversity, regulation of the climate and water regimes of the planet, protection of the soil from degradation, and It is home for rare species of plants and animals that are not being threatened yet as natural processes are not disturbed.

Russia is one of the main forest countries in the world, with more than 20% of global forest resources. However, most of the remaining forests in Russia have long been developed, and only a fifth of them (247 million hectares) remain in their primal form. Due to fires, deforestation and mining, Russia loses more than 1.5 mln ha of intact forests annually. The pace is growing rapidly, while experts estimate that Russia will lose all its intaсt forests in 80 years. The humanity will not be able to compensate such damage: when trees subsequently grow on the site of cutting or burning, the forest will no longer be the same - the fragile ecosystem of intact forests itself is irretrievably destroyed.

“We are happy to develop our partnership with CROC finding new areas to join efforts. This year the company has decided to unite the celebration of traditional holidays and the protection of nature. As a rule, Feb. 23 and March 8 in Russia cause a wave of overconsumption. That is why, instead of usual give aways CROC partners have got souvenirs, that meet criteria of responsible consumption, and "Forest Guards" certificates. The project aims at preserving intact Russian forests. We hope that this initiative has motivated not only CROC employees and partners but also other market players,” Irina Vorobieva, Head of Membership Programme at WWF Russia, added.

The goal of WWF Russia "Forest Guards" project is to preserve intact forest from anthropogenic fires. To prevent a catastrophe, people should fight for the future of intact forests. One can easily donate and  guard the intact forests via  forest.wwf.ru online platform. The funds will be used for collecting and analyzing satellite imagery data, preventing valuable forest areas from reclaiming, involving environmental organizations and eco-activists in monitoring forest conservation status, as well as grating legal protective status of these forest areas.

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