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10 october 2019
The new label uses samples of bird songs and donates its profits to support WWF-Russia projects.

Yandex Music together with WWF-Russia launched the first non-profit Birds Records label aimed at preserving bird calls and songs. The Birds Records label incorporates samples of bird calls and songs in its tracks, donating all its returns to WWF-Russia for the protection of birds' habitats. Universal Music Group will take care of distribution. The project's idea and principle were elaborated by the BBDO Moscow creative agency.

Ivan Dorn with his Dich (Wild Fowl) track was the first artist to record with the label. He addressed the humanity on behalf of the endangered bird species with these words: "Our names were inscribed in the Red List as one black inkblot. Well, thank you, our savior, but it's you who made us endangered in the first place." The track features calls of pintail snipes, willow ptarmigans, yellow-breasted buntings, wood owls, cuckoos, radde's warblers, and many other birds. The recordings were provided by the Russian Bird Conservation Union. 

Ivan Dorn was also the mastermind behind the track, while Suren Tomasyan acted as its sound producer. The track was recorded at Ivan Dorn's Kiev-based Masterskaya label. The artist relates the stories of birds suffering from human activity for a variety of reasons. Some species are left with their habitats being degraded due to the construction of roads and housing, logging and water pollution, agricultural activities and handling grain with agricultural chemicals and pesticides. And all this is but a fraction of the existing problems.
You can support the project either by listening to the label's tracks on Yandex Music or by purchasing clothing items from a special limited collection. 

Musicians are also welcome to join the label. All they need is download samples of bird songs, record their track and upload it through a form on the website. The best compositions will be picked by Ivan Dorn and Masterskaya. These will be released as a compilation and promoted on Yandex Music. 

The track is now available on Yandex Music and starting from October 12 it will be released on all streaming platforms. WWF-Russia will use the money that the label earns from its tracks on Yandex Music and sales of the limited collection to protect and reinforce the nests of the Oriental stork.

There is also a music video available on YouTube. It was created with the help of Petrick animation studios. The video consists of nine short stories, a collaborative effort of 12 illustrators working in various signature techniques, from gouache to action anime. 

Besides, a limited collection of merchandise was created exclusively for the Birds Records. All returns will also be donated to the Fund. Each item in the collection bears a reference to bird-watching. For instance, the hoodie features a special pocket for millet while the bag is deliberately made big to fit everything needed for a walk in a forest, including a flask, a lunch box and a pair of binoculars. 

Ivan Dorn explains"It was one of those stories that you can not really add anything to. The idea of turning bird songs into a track is so exciting that we immediately got involved in it, giving it our all. This story attracts us as both an artistic and socially responsible project. I am really glad that we continue to raise awareness of environmental problems. I hope that people will not stay indifferent towards everything that is going on, which means birds will be able to live 'as human beings'."

The project's artistic partner is BBDO Moscow.

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