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Премия рунета 2017

Bloggers fought for the title of the most eco-friendly chef

04 august 2017
On the 3rd of August, Chef Konstantin Ivlev and WWF Russia held a culinary battle for the title of the most eco-friendly blogger in Russia, which was timed to coincide with the Earth Overshoot Day. The guests learned about the ecological footprint of Russia and the role of food in the depletion of the planet's biological resources within the framework of the event.

Two teams took part in the battle: the founders of DELIvery Maria Sorokina and Andrei Bugaiskiy, and the authors of the EasyBusy blog Julia Emm and Valentina Tsoi. The results were evaluated based on the palatability and ecological compatibility of the dishes.

"We love our native nature and in recent years we increasingly use locally farmed and eco-friendly products. Currently in Russia there are a large number of enterprises that make it possible to use seasonal vegetables and fruits, which affects both the taste of food and the price. It is necessary to continue the trend of producing quality local products without harming nature set by the Altai and Krasnodar regions", Konstantin Ivlev said.

WWF Russia expresses its gratitude to the general partner - the trademark "4 Seasons" for the support of the event and the provision of products for the culinary battle.

Partners of the event are “Azbuka Vkusa”, Samsung, Metro, “Living Planet”, Globus, “RESO garantiya”, 4fresh, “Alfa-Bank”, “Business Youth”, “McDonald's”, “Majestic-Impex”, Lotte Plaza, Delivery, Costume Code TM, Splat, Ferrero.

A flashmob in support of the Earth Overshoot Day took place in social networks. Hundreds of people posted their photos with a hashtag #ВернёмДолгПланете (#PayBackPlanetDebt) and a call to donate money for the preservation of nature. The action was supported by Vladimir Pozner, Anton Komolov, Konstantin Ivlev, Renata Litvinova, Ekaterina Andreeva, singer Maxim, and Rustam Tangirov.

Event’s information support was provided by Yandex and Bon Appetit, which together with WWF Russia issued explanatory videos about the Earth Overshoot Day.

The Earth Overshoot Day is the day when people have exhausted all renewable bioresources that the planet is capable of providing within a year. This means that within the first seven months, so much fish was caught, so many forests were cut down, and so many fields were plowed as the Earth is capable of restoring in a year. Every time the date is moving closer to the beginning of the year. According to WWF, humanity will need 3.3 planets to meet their needs if every inhabitant of the Earth begins to behave like an average Russian. If the rate of consumption of natural resources is not reduced, the Earth Overshoot Day may one day come on the 1st of January.

"Food production has a huge impact on the environment. 20% of the total human burden on the planet is for food, and 70 to 85% of all fresh water withdrawn from nature is used for agriculture. And this is despite the fact that a third of usable products (more than 1.3 billion tons per year) are simply thrown out", says Pavel Boev, chief coordinator of the "Green Economy" program of WWF Russia. "Half of these products would be enough to feed all starving and chronically malnourished people in the world".

According to 2017 data, mankind uses for agriculture more than half of the land surface of the Earth that is suitable for plant life, and if the current trend does not change, millions of wild plant and animal species will not have a place to live in. Ecologically responsible production and consumption of food will help save the planet for future generations and achieve harmony between man and nature.

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