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WWF and the EU create a platform for sharing eco-initiatives

17 march 2020
In anticipation of the biggest global environmental event - Earth Hour, WWF-Russia and the European Union are launching the first online platform for the exchange of environmental initiatives that will bring together eco-activists from all over the country.

The peoplefornature.ru online platform is being implemented by WWF-Russia under the “People For Nature” project with the support of the European Union. It is set to become a venue for association, exchange of information and support for both individuals and public interest groups and regional NGOs.

The goal of the project is to enable Russian environmental activists to share their experience in successfully implementing environmental projects. The platform will enable searching for an eco-initiative on a topic and in a region of your interest and directly contact its author to ask a question, seek advice or join the implementation of the initiative. 

“We see that many regional NGOs and public interest groups take active action to protect the environment, - comments Mikhail Babenko, Head of Green Economy program at WWF-Russia. - However, they often may simply not know that similar initiatives have already been implemented in other regions and they can take advantage of peer best practices. We also hope that the published eco initiatives will inspire those who are only looking for ways to protect nature and will involve wider public in environmental activity.”
The platform already features the first examples of successful environmental initiatives, and their set will constantly grow. In the future, it is planned to introduce additional features that will allow authors to independently add their stories to the website.
“People around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the challenge of climate change, and Russia is no exception. As a result, citizens seek ways to participate in environmental initiatives and facilitate experience sharing between citizens is becoming crucial, - mentions the EU Spokesperson to the Russian Federation, Luca Kadar. - The EU is in the front line of global efforts to counter negative consequences of climate change. And we know well from our own experience that real changes start with the individual. Only by acting collectively – government, business, civil society organisations, and individuals – we can succeed.”

In addition to eco initiatives implemented in different regions of Russia, the platform has brief guidelines for beginners. These guidelines will help to take the first steps to reduce the footprint, protect forests from illegal logging, raise environmental awareness, and volunteer in nature reserves.  No special knowledge is required, everyone can make a move. 

To support these endeavors, WWF-Russia and the EU, together with popular bloggers, launched an eco-challenge #каждыйможет (#everyonecan) on TikTok. Within a week, anyone can choose one of the three proposed tasks and implement it together with popular bloggers and celebrities. You can register for the challenge on the People For Nature platform (here is a link) or by viewing the instructions for participating in the WWF-Russia's TikTok account.

“We believe that everyone can and should participate in environmental protection, says Yuri Sochnev, Head of Communications at WWF-Russia. - Anyone who starts today by participating in the eco-challenge or turns off the light for the first time for the Earth Hour can make a major contribution to nature protection in the future. The path of each of those who are now doing this professionally once began with the simplest steps. We are glad that the “People For Nature” project joins the Earth Hour campaign and helps to take this first step.”

About Earth Hour

Earth Hour is the international symbolic event when WWF encourages us to turn off lights and domestic electric appliances for one hour as a symbol of commitment to the future of our planet. The event is symbolic and aims to draw attention to the need for a responsible attitude to the nature and resources of the planet. In 2019, Earth Hour reunited 188 countries and more than 2 billion people. About 18,000 buildings and facilities all over the world went dark. Russia has been participating in the event since 2009; last year, it was joined by about 30 million Russians.  This year, Earth Hour will be held on March 28 at 8:30 pm local time.

About the People For Nature project

Carried out by WWF-Russia with the support of the European Union, the People For Nature project is aimed at engaging a wider circle of stakeholders in environmental protection. The project shall be carried out in 2019–2022. Its goals include protecting forests through the prevention of their degradation and illegal exploitation, as well as mitigating environmental impact of the industry by reducing air pollution and improving corporate environmental responsibility. With EUR 2,5 million dedicated to the program, jointly with WWF the EU supports environmental protection in Russia through trainings, purchase of firefighting equipment and practical support to NGOs.

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