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Премия рунета 2017


01 november 2018
WWF Russia in partnership with ECA movement and with the support of Citi Foundation announces the beginning of Russia-wide eco-quest "Another Planet" for student teams of Russian colleges, vocational and training schools.

This interactive project is intended to immerse students into the world of green professions and form environmental thinking and skills that will be useful for their future life and career. The quest participants will play super heroes saving our civilization from an environmental catastrophe and turning the Earth into "another" planet where the mankind lives in harmony with nature. The quest will last to April 15, 2019.

Its participants will have to register on www.квестдругаяпланета.рф with their teams of like-minders and do 30 tasks in 10 relevant environmental subjects, including: mitigating the ecological footprint, preserving biodiversity, sustainable forest management, water saving, energy efficiency, responsible waste management, green professions of the future, etc. In each subject, webinars will be conducted with successful representatives of green professions from various industries and fields.

"For now, the environmental agenda is underestimated in Russia, while in many world countries it is key for their economic and social development. Transition to sustainable development will be a goal for the community of the 21st century, so in future the environmental sphere will become one of the priority employment sectors. Now the market of green professions starts to actively develop, and its first players will gain colossal competitive advantages," Pavel Luksha, Professor at Skolkovo, a co-author of Skills of the Future: What Should We Know and Be Able to Do in the New Complex World," said.

"Russia has accumulated a host of environmental problems: deforestation, illegal hunting of rare animal species, air pollution in cities, waste... Environment is no longer 'somebody's business' and environmental practices penetrate any human activities: from professional to household. Our quest will help students to receive a store of skills and knowledge to become more successful and highly-demanded in their future life and career," Igor Chestin, Director of WWF Russia, said.

"Over the last 16 years, Citi Foundation has supported a number of social programs and initiatives aimed at improving the life of people with low income and developing cities," Anna Samokhvalova, PR Director at CB Citibank, noted. "Another Planet, the project partnered by us, is unique as it is dedicated to environmental thinking and eco-professions of the future. We are sure this project will give the students of Russian colleges, vocational and training schools the opportunity to learn more about green professions and to preserve and improve the environment of cities and our planet."

Five winner teams together with their teachers will be invited to take part in the Moscow environmental conference. They will take advantage of educational trainings, workshops and mini traineeships at the quest partner companies. The members of 12 leading teams will be awarded with useful eco-prizes. All member teams will receive diplomas and acknowledgement for their participation.

Citi Foundation provides support to organizations that help improve people's living conditions and contribute to business development and prosperity of communities all around the world. Citi Foundation focuses on programs in such fields as: micro-financing and micro-enterprise, contributing to financial independence; small and developing business that has a favorable effect on economic development and creation of new workplaces; education contributing to personal and professional success of young people; financial education helping to make responsible financial decisions; environmental protection with a focus on supporting sustainable companies that create workplaces and contribute to economic growth by maintaining a careful attitude to the environment.

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