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Премия рунета 2017


01 october 2019
On 30 September, the seminar on NGOs and Nonfinancial Reporting of Businesses took place in Vladivostok. Representatives of non-governmental organizations learned the theoretical part of working with nonfinancial reporting of businesses and were able to apply their skills in a business game focused on analyzing real-world cases and providing comments at public meetings. The seminar was organized as a part of the People for Nature project carried out by WWF-Russia with the support of the European Union.

Seminar participants included NGO representatives fr om five territorial entities of the Amur ecoregion. Social activists found out what corporate nonfinancial reporting consists of, how to analyze it and use it to establish effective interaction with businesses and reduce the environmental impact caused by industrial processes. Participants were also able to put this knowledge into practice, as the seminar concluded with a business game wh ere they analyzed nonfinancial reporting cases and provided their comments at a simulated public meeting.

"It is important for representatives of NGOs and public interest groups to be able to analyze corporate nonfinancial reporting themselves and to understand how much impact the regional enterprises exert on the environment. We hope that such seminars will help local CSOs build a constructive and effective dialog with businesses," pointed out Petr Osipov, Director of WWF-Russia Amur Branch.

The expert support of the seminar was provided by Da-Strategia Group specializing in the management of sustainable business operations, nonfinancial reporting, and nonfinancial risks.

The seminars were preceded by a meeting with the staff of WWF-Russia and the European Union Delegation to the Russian Federation, the key partner of the People for Nature project.

The seminar opened a series of training events for environmental CSOs and activists from the Amur and Altai-Sayan ecoregions, all part of the People for Nature project. Seminar participants will learn about working with nonfinancial reporting of businesses as well as the legal aspects of environmental activities, from effective cooperation with representatives of businesses and authorities to legal ways of fighting illegal use of natural resources. 

The People for Nature project is carried out by WWF-Russia with the support of the European Union in 2019–2022. The project is primarily aimed at providing support to CSOs and local communities in solving environmental problems in two areas, protecting forests and reducing air and water pollution.

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