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Премия рунета 2017


20 may 2019
The calculation of results for this year's rankings of oil and gas companies, mining companies, and steel plants will start in August. Until then, experts are updating and improving the methodology that they will use for the rankings. For the first time ever, WWF encourages everyone interested to take part in discussing the methods of calculating the results for the study.

On May 20, during the annual meeting in the UN Information Center in Russia, experts discussed the questions of optimizing the criteria for the ranking and the validity of the figures used for the environmental transparency and responsibility rankings for steel plants. Companies made around 50 suggestions on improving the methodology. At the end of the month, ranking developers will make all the necessary changes to the calculation program.

"The ambitious National Ecology Project, which started this year, intends for businesses to participate in achieving the results specified in the Presidential Decree on environmental protection issued in May. Our rankings are a public initiative that helps increase the participation of businesses in environmental projects," said Aleksey Knizhnikov, Head of the Program for the Business Environmental Responsibility at WWF Russia. "We are happy that this year WWF will involve the interested members of the public in working on the rankings. This applies to further development of the ranking criteria and involving the public in discussions of nonfinancial reports of some of the largest mining companies in Russia, which serve as the main basis for the calculations. Active participation of the public in the discussion of such reports will contribute to increased validity of data in such reports." 

On May 22, the UN Information Center in Russia will host a task meeting on WWF rankings for oil and gas companies. The agenda includes discussing the suggestions on improving the methodology of the study, plans for making the 2019 ranking, and prospects of the project in other regions. 

The methods behind the environmental transparency rankings of oil and gas and mining companies are available on the WWF website. WWF accepts comments and suggestions until June 20. 

About the ranking
Environmental transparency ranking for oil and gas companies of Russia was initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and CREON Group in 2014.

The environmental transparency ranking for mining companies and steel plants was initiated by WWF Russia and the UN Environment Program (Mission in the Russian Federation) in 2017.

The rankings are aimed at attracting public attention to environmental development of Russia, maintaining biodiversity, and providing environmental safety.

Photo in the caption and in the announcement: (с) Yuliya Kalinicheva/WWF Russia.

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