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WWF-Russia and Viacheslav Fetisov Appeal to Vladimir Putin to Steer the Country towards green sustainable course

22 may 2020
In their letter to Mr. President, WWF-Russia and Viacheslav Fetisov, UN Environment Patron of the Polar Regions of the UNEP, ask Vladimir Putin to request the Government with the development of measures for the support and promotion of green sectors of economy and green finance mechanisms

The authors of the letter point out that any crisis is always a time of opportunities. Hence the importance of concentrating on long-term sustainable development right now. However, in an attempt to stabilize the situation, a possible relief of environmental requirements is also being discussed along with other measures to support businesses, such as financial and tax-related proposals. These measures will definitely have an adverse effect on the well-being of the nation, causing environmental and financial losses. 

"Over the last two years, the priority of Russia's sustainable development has increased significantly, and important steps have been taken toward green economy, with Russia joining the Paris Agreement in September 2019," note the authors of the letter. In their appeal to the President, they ask Vladimir Putin to make use of the moment, to steer the country's development toward sustainable green economy, requesting the Government with the development of measures for the support and promotion of green sectors of economy and green finance mechanisms. 

The measures put forward in the letter include promoting green government procurement, green bonds, and projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors.

The authors are convinced that these efforts will promote environmental conservation and in the long run also ensuring health and better living standards for people, creating fundamentally new jobs and increasing the interest of international investors. 

" Attracting foreign investments is as crucial a task, along with the development of  public-private partnership mechanisms, improving the efficiency of public spending and ensuring the involvement of private sector, in particular for the implementation of the ambitious National Ecology Project", they point out.

Summing up, the authors note that a transition to a more sustainable, green economy can ensure Russia's after pandemic speedy recovery and improved quality of life. 

Please find e-versions of the letter both original and translated ones in attachments (right upper corner)

Photo credits

Preview: (c) Sergey Rybakov
Headpiece: (c) Vasily Sarana / WWF-Russia 



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