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WWF-Russia sent a letter to Nornickel's Board of Directors

29 june 2020
Moscow, June 29th. The day before meeting of Nornickel's Board of Directors WWF-Russia addressed a letter to its members

 Dear members of the Board of Directors,

We are reaching you out ahead of the meeting dedicated to improvement of the corporate management in the aftermath of the accidental diesel spill at HPP-3.

As a result of the accident, an unprecedented amount of diesel was spilled in water bodies in the Russian Arctic, which has shown grave faults in the corporate management system of environmental safety and risk assessment. Following the first lessons this federal-level accident has taught, WWF-Russia sent an open letter to the company's President Vladimir Potanin containing a number of questions and recommendations on June 19, which received no reply yet. Herewith we urge the Board of Directors to consider the recommendations proposed by WWF and provide extensive information about the first response measures implemented.

WWF-Russia has commissioned an analysis of satellite images shot between 2017 and 2019, which showcased that pollutant discharges in water bodies in the area of the plant's operation have been regular, and there was another accident on June 28, 2020. These series of accidents have revealed that the company has critical problems in the field of transparency and cooperation with both the public and mass media and state authorities. The management of Nornickel is still pursuing actions that lead to environmentally significant information being withheld and hinder both public environmental monitoring and the work of mass media.

Therefore, we propose that the Board of Directors should immediately arrange the work of the ad hoc committee so as to guarantee mandatory and transparent cooperation with representatives of the public. The committee should ensure public monitoring of the company's actions both to respond to the pollution of the environment caused by the spill and to eliminate the faults in the corporate management system in the field of environmental protection and transparency.

The blunders that have already been made in the field, have led to large-scale negative impacts on the unique ecosystems in the region.

If the company does not take decisive and quick action soon, does not assume full responsibility for both the spill and dealing with its aftermath, and does not transform its fundamental corporate management system, appropriate response should be expected not only from shareholders, investors, and consumers of its products, but from the whole international community.

Director of WWF-Russia                                                                Dmitriy Gorshkov


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