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Methodologies of environmental information transparency ratings have been finalized

08 june 2021
The start of calculation of industrial ratings of transparency of environmental information in 2021 will be given at the end of summer. In early June, discussions on the methodologies of conducting these studies were completed, but all interested parties can give feedback until July 1

On June 8, a discussion on the methodology for the rating of transparency of environmental information for the power generating companies was held, on May 31 - for the oil and gas, and on May 28 - for the mining and metal sector. The events were attended by representatives of companies, as well as NGOs and independent experts.

The discussion of methods for calculating ratings annually arouses a steady interest from companies site. So, this time, 10 mining and metal enterprises participated in the event, seven of which gave feedback; 10 companies, representing oil and gas sector  (feedback was also provided by seven participating enterprises) and 8 - from power generating sector (7 companies made proposals on the methodology).

There are 40 mining and metal, 18 oil and gas and 18 power generating enterprises in total participate in ratings this year. These industries, on the one hand, are key for the economic development of our country, on the other hand, they provide the greatest negative impact on the environment.

“Considering numerous accidents, such as oil spills, all kinds of industrial emissions and ongoing cases of concealment of environmentally significant information, now only those data on accidents and conflicts that companies have published on their official websites in a timely manner will be counted in the oil and gas rating, - comments Alexey Knizhnikov, head of the programme on Environmental business responsibility. - In order to encourage enterprises to monitor their impact on the environment not only at their head offices, but directly at the sites of production and processing, the new criterion will take into account the availability of environmental information for each enterprise in the regions where the companies participating in the rating operate.”

In the updated methodology, the climatic component has also been strengthened. Now, in order to show a good result, the participants are required to carry out systematic work to adapt their activities to climate change.

Industry ratings of WWF-Russia are created to draw public attention to the issues of the country's environmental development, biodiversity conservation and environmental safety of industrial production. Traditionally, ratings themselves will be presented at the end of the year.

Oil and gas companies rating of environmental transparency information is traditionally prepared together with the CREON group. Since 2019, within the framework of the WWF project “People for Nature”, which is being implemented with the support of the European Union, monitoring of accidents and controversial environmental situations for all three ratings has been carried out. Environmental transparency ratings for Mining and metal and Power generating companies are also calculated within the framework of the project.

The People for Nature project is being implemented by WWF-Russia in 2019-2022 with the support of the European Union and is aimed at involving a wide range of stakeholders in environmental protection. The objectives of the project are to preserve forests by preventing their degradation and illegal use, as well as minimizing the negative impact of industry on the environment by increasing the environmental responsibility of business and reducing air and water pollution.

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