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15 january 2019
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), in cooperation with the Concessionaires and Long-Term Infrastructure Investors National Association (CoLTI), have brought together the terms, approaches, initiatives and names of organizations that are related to green economy, sustainable development, responsible finance, and published a glossary titled “Green Economy: Definitions and Concepts.”

The President’s instructions voiced following the 2016 State Council meeting on ecology included an instruction “to develop, in consultation with leading business associations, and submit proposals on the use of green financial instruments by Russian development institutions and public companies...” Since 2016, there has been much discussion of the prospects for green development in Russia at numerous forums, round tables and conferences; however, the lack of Russian-language terms is a major obstacle to the practical development of this new industry.  

“Virtually all analytics and publications today are only available in English,” comments Mikhail Babenko, director of the Green Economy program at WWF Russia. “There are very few publications on this topic in the Russian-language mass media.” The expert also emphasized that the green finance market has been growing very rapidly all over the world, and the lack of awareness in this area of Russian officials and financiers significantly hampers the development of green economy in our country.  

The publication is a translation of the basic terms and concepts in the field of responsible finance, along with a description of the main initiatives and organizations that are engaged in the development of this sector of finance. 

“The publication is focused not only on professional financial market participants and decision makers,” Mikhail Babenko says. “The glossary will help all interested parties take a closer look at the world of the green economy through the lens of definitions and descriptions. The publication will be useful to economists, teachers, those looking for new market opportunities. We hope that the glossary will facilitate the green development of the Russian economy.”  

The publication is available in electronic format only and is distributed free of charge. Download glossary here.

For 25 years, the World Wide Fund for Nature has been acting for the benefit of Russian nature and Russians. The Fund was the first organization in Russia to start promoting the responsible finance principles.

Photo in the preview and caption by: (с) Yuliya Kalinicheva / WWF Russia

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