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Adaptation to Climate Change in River Basins of Dauria: Ecology and Water Management
Премия рунета 2017

Adaptation to Climate Change in River Basins of Dauria: Ecology and Water Management

Adaptation to Climate Change in River Basins of Dauria: Ecology and Water Management

This report presents the first outcomes of the Programme «The impact of climate change on ecosystems of Dauria ecoregion and environmental adaptations to them» and an important part of it – the “Dauria Going Dry” Pilot Project initiated by Daursky Biosphere Reserve (part of Dauria International Protected Area – DIPA) and WWF-Russia under auspices of the UNECE Convention on Transboundary Waters and the Ramsar Convention. The key question that the Project considers is how to prevent destruction of Daurian natural ecosystems, enhance their resilience and save globally endangered species in circumstances of intensive economic development and water deficit caused by periodic climate change.

The Programme collects and analyses scientific information on natural climate dependent ecosystems processes, their actual conditions and dynamics and anthropogenic influence on them. These data are the scientific basis for environmental-friendly social and economic development in Dauria Introduction Ecoregion. This report is an abridged translation from Russian of a collection of research papers published in 2012 by Express Publishing House, Chita, Russia (editor O. Kiriliuk, 2012). Chapters were contributed by the core team of researchers including: Oleg Goroshko (research and monitoring system), Vadim Kiriliuk (research program and ecosystem dynamics), Tatiana Tkachuk (ecosystem dynamics and monitoring system), Natalia Kochneva (overview of international law), Victor Obyazov (climate dynamics and hydrology), Evgeny Egidarev (water management and cartography), Eugene Simonov (research program and water management, executive summary in English), Olga Kiriliuk (ecosystem dynamics, protected areas network and overall book editing).This Report edited by Eugene Simonov summarizes key findings presented in this Russian publication.

The first part of the Report summarizes geography, climate, biological diversity and ecosystem dynamics of Dauria with emphasis on rivers and wetlands. The focus of our attention is dynamics of ecosystems of Dauria under cyclical climate change. The second part shortly summarizes history and plans for development of protected areas and a comprehensive ecosystem monitoring network. The third part of the report starts with general overview of climate adaptation principles and challenges in Dauria, using the water sector as its focus.

The Argun River basin example is used to exemplify and analyze potentially unsustainable water resource use at basin-scale. Besides the basin-wide Argun River example case-studies are presented for coal industry, interbasin water-transfers, hydropower, gold mining and border demarcation. Short conclusions are drawn on international policy and technical approaches to solving environmental problems in water sector in Dauria.

The Project formed partnerships with the Ministry of Natural Resources of Zabaikalsky Province, International Crane Foundation, East Asian-Australasian flyway Partnership, Rivers without Boundaries Coalition, Institute of Natural Resources, Ecology and Cryology of Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian Branch), and a number of Mongolian and Chinese NGOs and researchers. Daursky BR and WWF provided most of the funding for multi-year work, while some activities were supported in 2011 from UNDP/GEF “Russian Steppe Conservation” Project and the Whitley Fund for Nature.

This publication reflects solely the views of its authors. The views, conclusions, and recommendations are not intended to represent the views of the conventions' secretariats or other entities supporting the project.

This publication in 3 languages was made possible due to collaboration of all Project partners and generous support from the UNECE Convention on Transboundary Waters. The English version was prepared by Eugene Simonov, the coordinator of «Rivers without Boundaries» Coalition. Please send inquiries to coalition@riverswithoutboundaries.org.

Adaptation to Climate Change in River Basins of Dauria: Ecology and Water Management. – Beijing, 2013.
Was published — march 2013