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Environmental responsibility rating of oil & gas companies in Russia 2014

Environmental responsibility rating of oil & gas companies in Russia 2014

In order to reduce the industry’s impact on the environment, consumers and financial institutions should decide on giving preference to companies with the least ‘environmental footprint’, i.e. producing minimal environmental damage and eager to practice corporate social responsibility in their activities. For taking decision, an end-consumer or a financial institution must be provided with the unbiased information concerning the extent of environmental responsibility of the company.

The pilot environmental rating of Russian oil & gas companies in 2014 is an initiative by WWF Russia and CREON consulting group with participation of National Rating Agency. The Rating provides an unbiased and comparable data on environmental responsibility of companies in the oil and gas sector and the impact of their activities on the environment. End-consumers and financial institutions will refer to the Rating for choosing between the companies’ products and services and for evaluating corporate risks (including reputation) on the basis of unbiased comparison and evaluation of environmental responsibility of the companies and their management’s commitment.

The Rating is destined to facilitate quality improvement of the environmental risk management in hydrocarbon crude production, transportation and processing. Reduction of negative impact on the environment leads not only to direct nature-preserving effect, but also brings an important social result: reduction of negative impact on the health of personnel and local communities, prevention of traditional places of inhabitance from being destroyed or damaged.

The Rating demonstrates that Russian oil and gas companies maintain a high level of informational transparency with respect to environmental responsibility issues. Websites of the most companies in the industry have special sections devoted to ecological sides of their activities. Over half of the rated companies are publishing specialized annual environmental reports or disclosing their ecological data inside sustainable development reports. Considerable part of these reports complies with international GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards and are certified by a public or professional testifier.

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Was published — december 2014