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Living Planet Report 2010

Living Planet Report 2010

The Living Planet Report is the world's leading, science-based analysis on the health of our only planet and the impact of human activity.

The Report describes the changing state of global biodiversity and the pressure on the biosphere arising from human consumption of natural resources.

It is built around two indicators:

- the Living Planet Index, which reflects the health of the planet’s ecosystems; and

- the Ecological Footprint, which shows the extent of human demand on these ecosystems.

These measures are tracked over several decades to reveal past trends, then three scenarios explore what might lie ahead.

The scenarios show how the choices we make might lead to a sustainable society living in harmony with robust ecosystems, or to the collapse of these same ecosystems, resulting in a permanent loss of biodiversity and erosion of the planet’s ability to support people. 

Living Planet Report 2010. WWF Intl. 2010. In English and Russian. Electronic edition only is available
Was published — october 2010