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Environmental transparency rating of oil and gas companies operating in Russia 2018

Environmental transparency rating of oil and gas companies operating in Russia 2018. M., 2018 - 28 pp.

The pilot rating project was implemented in 2014 by the energy sector think tank CREON and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with the assistance of the National Rating Agency. The project aims at gathering objective and comparable data on the environmental footprint across the domestic oil and gas companies. The public nature of the Rating ultimately contributes to the improved environmental risk management and reducing the oil and gas industry impacts.

In five years, the Rating evolved from a tool to assess availability of environmental information provided by oil and gas companies into an unbiased source of information on their environmental accountability and scope of ecological footprint.

This year, several changes have been introduced into the Rating methodology.

Thus, the Rating Structure section now contains an algorithm for evaluating the Criteria 3.5 (accident reporting) and 3.6 (sharing information on environment-related conflicts), as well as a provision to apply penalties in case of any proved human rights violations by the companies. Section 1 (Environmental Management) includes assessment of the oil recovery rate increase program availability and efficiency. The two criteria measuring the availability of data in sections 1 and 2 have been removed from Section 3 (Disclosure), which now includes additional criteria evaluating stakeholder engagement in holding and reviewing corporate OSR exercises as well as availability of the industrial environmental monitoring reports. This year, the Rating organizers have introduced test mode criteria for assessing the total length / share of pipelines operated by the company beyond their service life. Certain criteria have been updated following the discussion with the companies.

The Rating significance is confirmed by the draft resolution of the Russian Government on Approval of Key (Basic) Indicators of Public Non-Financial Reporting which is pending approval by different state agencies. We hope that the efforts taken by the Government in this domain and continued development of the Rating will further contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development of our country.

Was published — december 2018