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Environmental transparency rating of mining and metals companies operating in Russia
Премия рунета 2017

Environmental transparency rating of mining and metals companies operating in Russia

Environmental Transparency Rating of Mining and Metals Companies Operating in Russia 2018. M., 2018 - 20 pp.

Transparency Rating of Environmental Responsibility of Mining and Metalls Companies – a project of the Russian branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the National Rating Agency – was launched in 2015. Since then, our project has not only made a notable contribution to environmental transparency of these industries, but also allowed obtaining first comparative assessments of environmental responsibility of these companies and environmental impact of their activities.

Increasing environmental responsibility of the mining and metals sector is particularly important today in connection with the transition to a green economy. Numerous projects aimed at ensuring this transition, such as electric transport, which is rapidly developing in many countries, will stimulate demand for various metals.

In addition to formal reporting of environmental indicators to the government, public nonfinancial information releases of industrial companies reflecting socio-environmental aspects of their business are becoming increasingly important today. These releases are intended to make all interested parties, including the population of the neighboring areas, investors and insurance companies, aware of environmental impact and environmental risks associated with the activities of these companies. Our rating brings a notable contribution to the trustworthiness of such public reports. Therefore, our work is in line with the letter and spirit of RF Government Directive No. 876 of May 5, 2017: “On the concept of nonfinancial public reporting and action plan of its development.”

Government efforts in this field as well as intersectoral relations invoked by our rating will further contribute to the cause of nature preservation and sustainable development of our country.

Was published — december 2018