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Russian Аrctic. March-April 2011

Russian Аrctic. WWF-Russia Bulletin

This is the first issue of new monthly electronic publication by WWF Russia – the Russian Arctic Bulletin. Future division of the Arctic is in the focus of politicians, its proved and expected mineral reserves are being fought for by largest transnational companies, indigenous peoples’ statements of their rights grow louder. We – Russian environmental organization being a part of the largest network represented in almost 100 countries including all Arctic countries – have also decided to put our word in.

This electronic publication addresses our work in the Arctic as well as events and planned activities connected with this vulnerable and important ecoregion.

The major part of news in the first issue of the bulletin addresses climate change matters as it is the most crucial problem for the Arctic these days.

In the future we will also present our viewpoint regarding production of hydrocarbons in the arctic basin, expected intensification of maritime traffic, situation with future of the fishery.

Surely in this and other issues we will tell about animals inhabiting the Arctic and about activities of arctic environmental community in our country and worldwide.

The bulletin is published free of charge and we will be grateful for assistance in its dissemination and promotion.

Russian Аrctic. WWF-Russia Bulletin. March-April 2011
Was published — april 2011