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Taman Peninsula After Oil Spill. Report

Taman Peninsula After Oil Spill. Report

Taman Peninsula After Oil Spill. Report on preliminary results of the expedition of the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology and WWF-Russia to the Kerch Strait area for investigating consequences of the black oil spill after the accident with tanker “Volgoneft-139” on 11 November 2007.

To study the impacts of black oil spill on ecosystems of the Kerch Strait coastal areas few months after the “Volgoneft-139” tanker shipwreck on 11 November 2007 Russian Institute of Oceanology and WWF organized expedition surveys at the coasts of the Taman’ Peninsula exploring most areas affected by the black oil spill. Surveys reveal widespread pollution with black oil at the coast of the Taman’ Peninsula as well as in the bottom sediments of the Kerch strait and adjacent bays.

The recommendations based on the current research have to be considered by the state organizations responsible for prevention of marine pollution, as well as by the Accounting Chamber of Russia Federation, by Administration of Krasnodarsky krai and its municipalities, and by the scientific and public nongovernmental organizations.


Was published — september 2008